fedora 32 wayland fractional scaling 04 upgrade notes but can't seemed to get it to work. Other major desktop environments, including Cinnamon, KDE, LXDE, MATE and Xfce, can be supported by the company. small tablets). As usual, Linux Mint's latest release, Mint 20, is better than ever, but its developers' refusal to make it easy to use Ubuntu Snap Nov 12, 2014 · It renders directly to 2880x1800 and no additional scaling. 16 include a refreshed look with new icons and color palette, support for fractional scaling in the Display dialog, dark mode for the Panel, improved search and filter capabilities for the Settings Manager, support for client-side decorations for all the Settings dialogs, as well as a revamped About Xfce dialog that now GNOME does not support fractional scaling with X11 – you can only scale in whole numbers. Manually enabling Hi-DPI support GNOME currently enables hi-dpi support when the screen resolution is at least 192 dpi and the screen height (in device pixels) is at least 1200. 99 of my time in VS Code, Google Chrome and a few recently-written Microsoft-provided apps like Settings. Posted by 7 months ago. Previously, the GNOME UI could only scale in increments of 1. Oct 27, 2020 · Coming after 6 months from the earlier Fedora 32, the latest Fedora 33 distribution is supported until December 2021 with bug fixes and security updates. The adoption of Wayland on GNOME makes touchpad gestures much easier to manage with extensions, and it makes Linux feel like a first-class citizen on a laptop for what feels like the first time ever. -> systemsettings5 > Hardware > Display & Monitor > Scale Display Physical (monitor) DPI: Fedora 30 est disponible. 3" laptop with resolution of 1920x1080 and Fedora 30, > I see that Gnome only gives me option of 100% scaling (that renders > with too small fonts ans duch in my opinion) and 200% (that instead > appears as too big). 10 and More fractional scaling, dark mode for the Panel, and much more. 0 Release We are pleased to announce the release of Mir 1. End of the Alpha release of Fedora. The downside is that it is, for now, an experimental option that works on Wayland sessions only. perhaps if you insist of running in 1920x1080 it renders in double and then scale back into 2880x1800. What you can do is to change the display server to Wayland. Hitting performance levels (and above!) comparable to the RTX 2080 SUPER, which for the price is absolutely amazing at $399 / £369 which is far less than the 2080 SUPER. org (e. To streamline the user experience across apps, Gnome has removed the Application menu and moved its contents to a primary menu located within the application window. wofi is a command launcher, that provides some of the same features as rofi but running under Wayland. 04 does work in X but not in Wayland. 10 and worked on both X and Wayland sessions. Nov 29, 2020 · I am using HP-notebooks (2 x ATI Radeon and 1 x Nvidia Geforce GT 130M) and no dual GPU. 7 months ago 7 months ago. Like Gnome, customize the scaling factor of Budgie by changing “2” to another whole number. When I open some window, such as Nautilus, some UI elements are hidden and when I hover over the elements its shows. It's all already there and driven by mutter. The feature was introduced in Ubuntu 19. I am on Fedora 32 on Wayland. Enable the experimental fractional scaling feature: May 08, 2020 · Gnome 3. I’m using 3 1080p Monitors connected to a Laptop. 04, 19. set to 100% via Gnome UI settings), the text in LibreOffice Writer is sharp. 04 Enable and Disable Fractional UI Scaling for HiDPI Displays - Duration: 32. Due to technical limitations, fractional scaling is available only on Wayland. Fractional Scaling: One of the big features that landed, although still considered experimental was the fractional scaling feature that has been a collaboration between Jonas Ådahl here at Red hat and Marco Trevisan at Canonical. This is achieved using the Display Preferences tool which may be accessed from the Desktop System->Preferences->Display menu option and typically appears as illustrated below: Fedora 30 Workstation The newest version of GNOME gui, GNOME 3. And that reason is that fractional scaling in is not quite ready for prime time yet. 0, Here's What's New GNOME 3. Gnome is the default Desktop Environment but KDE is available, and seems to work better, see item 2. 32 Desktop Environment to Feature Fractional Scaling on Wayland Published at LXer: The GNOME Project revealed the fact that the forthcoming GNOME 3. 16 include a refreshed look with new icons and color palette, support for fractional scaling in the Display dialog, dark mode for the Panel, improved search and filter capabilities for the Settings Manager, support for client-side decorations for all the Settings dialogs, as well as a revamped About Xfce dialog that now 2 days ago · Highlights of Xfce 4. 04 LTS. No cross-app window activation/focus protocol. Ubuntu 20. Apr 18, 2015 · To change the scaling settings in GNOME 3, you'll need the GNOME Tweak Tool. 75x, the size I’m used to. I agree with Liam Guy Hiram Proven. 32 beta release explored major improvements, bug fixes, and other changes. Oct 25, 2020 · Hi, I’m using fedora silverblue 32. Run Qt5 apps on Wayland: Jan Grulich: Stalled Qt vs Mutter compatibility issues: Run Qt5 apps natively on Wayland and smooth all compatibility issues with Mutter. In fact, it’s one of the only desktops that doesn’t rely on only using integers KDE screen scaling: This is what Plasma developers suggest to use as a starting point, but I had mixed experiences with that. Kde disable wayland, As many of you already know, GNOME 3. Thus, I do have a problem (which is in no way related to the hardware) with the desktop : The screen is a 14" screen FHD (1920x1080). If you’re using X. Jul 09, 2020 · Figure 1 shows the settings dialog box on my Fedora 32 system using GNOME on Wayland. 19 Alpha, Durden 0. 32 Desktop Environment to Feature Fractional Scaling on Wayland. 32, the developers have added an “experimental” support for fractional scaling. Jan 15, 2020 · The only viable solution is to enable fractional scaling. I'm running a fairly clean Fedora 32 with no Gnome extensions. I'm now expecting to be able to choose GNOME on Wayland on the login screen, however I can only choose between GNOME, GNOME Classic and GNOME on Xorg. Is there any way to work around that? I tried xde plasma and I think to remember it was not really an issue there. Launch the Terminal. Fedora 30 features GNOME 3. 32 includes a number of enhancements, including: fractional scaling, an updated visual style, and fast in-app searching. Fortunately Wayland comes pre-installed, and you can make the switch on Does wayland have a future? - "/g/ - Technology" is 4chan's imageboard for discussing computer hardware and software, programming, and general technology. Sep 23, 2019 · I am actually running Fedora Workstation 31 using the NVidia driver myself at the moment on this laptop, and for those interested in helping dogfood this setup, in preparation for hopefully being able to enable Wayland on NVidia in Fedora Workstation 32, it is fairly simple thing to do. First, fractional scaling works better in X11 (especially some web browsers under Wayland) compare to Wayland. In total, the release incorporates 26438 changes, made by approximately 798 contributors. To change the DPI scaling Open Control Center> Appearance and click on the font tab. 4 release. Oct 15, 2019 · This quick tutorial shows how to enable the fractional scaling in Ubuntu 19. Linux Kernel brings some major improvements such as WireGuard support out-of-the-box, early USB4 support ( after USB  Wayland in Fedora Wayland is enabled by default in the GNOME Desktop. Nov 03, 2020 · Hi there, my wife uses a 32" 4k-monitor and I'm a 27" 2k-monitor. 32 release next week. Once fractional scaling is switched on you can set the scaling on your external monitor to 100% and your Surface Pro 4 to 175% Dec 01, 2020 · NVIDIA have revealed the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti officially today, along with a release date of December 2 and it sounds like quite an awesome card. Since Gnome factors all screens the same you need to scale regular displays at 2x2 in xrandr for dual monitor support. In Wayland, Gnome has experimental support for fractional scaling - including 1. No Problems so far. x86_64). 13. When I updated, TV starts and I get the same message about Wayland. You can neverthless obtain the same effect on 3. Feb 13, 2020 · fedora 31 radare2 fedora 2020 acd8cdb08d 20 43 27 Rebase to radare2-4. 00 640x480 59. If all you want to do is download a "demo" terminal, and put it in a HiDPI display, and enable fractional scaling, to show it to your friends, then yes, this works. Close. 25 views. 16 with xrandr. 0 of the Linux kernel, and offers fractional scaling through both X. Firefox is going to run natively on Gnome Wayland session and won't use XWayland/X11 Gtk+ backend by default. mutter experimental-features "['x11-randr-fractional-scaling']". x. Two things I've learned to get this to work. I can manually enable 125% and 150% fractional scaling, but it's very buggy and produces a lot of visual artifacts. Jan 09, 2020 · I'm finalizing testing of a new Fedora 32 virtualbox-guest-additions pkg, which runs "VBoxClient --vmsvga" as a systemd service, so that it will work with both X11 and Wayland sessions. x, again compiled with screencast portal, which is build when PipeWire is present. Here’s How to Enable Fractional Scaling . 92 Bring Fractional Scaling, GNOME : 05 Mar 2019: GNOME 3. Apr 02, 2019 · Fedora 30 ushers in Gnome 3. Combined with a kernel update which I have prepared which adds the missing ioctl to the mainline vboxguest. Mar 14, 2019 · Fractional Scaling. Links 21/12/2020: Manjaro ARM 20. xorg. The Display settings only offer two scaling values (100% and 200%) by default. It can be found on the System > Display menu and is under "Scale and Layout". 2. But for X11 games (running through XWayland) this solution is not available. 32 desktop environment, which was in the works for some years now, saying the relevant proposals have been prepared for implementation in the GNOME Shell and Mutter components for the upcoming GNOME 3. Fedora Workstation GNOME 3. Package management systems that using Wayland. screenshot from 2018-10-19 18-17-32. 64 installed Fractional Scaling won't even let me choose anything besides 100% and 200%. 👍 3 I ask because I read somewhere on Qt bugtracker that Wayland API doesn't allow to use fractional scaling at all, and that may be a problem. The command is: gsettings set org. Fractional Scaling in GNOME Shell GNOME 3. Fractional scaling is about scaling the UI elements on a non-integer scale. I will comment you some points what can help you with it: A) It looks like you are running fedora in wayland session because the output of xrandr is xwayland, and xrandr is not woriking under wayland let’s say it only does work in “ro” mode (read-only). 1 and GNOME 3. Allow automatic updates. . It is also available as a source tarball Summary This release we focused HiDPI support and portability. 26. 299: Shame as a Service April 30th, 2019 | 1 hr 13 mins android, containers, distrohoppers, docker, dockercon, fedora, fedora 30, flicker free boot, free software Standard scaling begins at 1. Misc. For example, you need newest unstable Plasma to have support for fractional scaling values. Nov 27, 2020 · If you have a laptop, I cannot recommend GNOME enough. 32 fractional scaling doesn't work: jozmak: Linux - Newbie: 0: 03-22-2019 08:44 PM: LXer: GNOME 3. I enabled the still experimental feature [5] in Fedora Workstation 32 Beta, but fractional scaling is only offered between 100 % and 200 % in 25 % steps. It doesn't matter if I use Wayland, XWayland or pure X, scaling is broken everywhere. 10 for both default X and wayland sessions. 32 includes experimental HiDPI fractional scaling for Wayland but what you might . 04 continues Ubuntus proud tradition of integrating the latest and greatest open source technologies into a high-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution. because of NVIDIA drivers), have a look at https://github. I recently bought a Huawei Matebook D14, it runs flawlessly 🙂 . KDE Plasma 5 uses the X Window System, but support for Wayland is under development. Fractional scaling is possible on both Wayland and Xorg, though the process differs. Have been running Wayland on Fedora for a couple of weeks now. 26 release earlier this month. Intel Integrated Graphics. GNOME shell has supported hi-dpi monitors for while. Especially on notebooks where 2X or 3X scaling just isn’t good enough and many applications can’t even handle that. In case of kde monitor scale factor can be more(you can get fractional scale as (In reply to Eric Williams from comment #32) > (In reply to Sravan Kumar  25 Mar 2019 [1] https://blog. Same, if I use fullscreen on a monitor with no fractional scaling. e. There are other spins that the community has forked out of the parent OS and you can always check them out. Fractional scaling is a critical feature for many HiDPI screen laptops to get  6 days ago Fractional scaling is possible on both Wayland and Xorg, though the The Linux console changes the font to TER16x32 (based on ter-i32b  Use a Wayland window manager on Linux (e. Doc Type: Technology Preview. nano is a friendly editor for new users. There are several ways to manually override this, and force hi-dpi support on or off. 04) is possible to set up fractional scaling even for X. 1 with Wayland on Fedora 25 on a Macbook with retina display. Wayland-based games will use a different approach - scaling its output. For them to appear crisp Mir must request the app render Sep 05, 2018 · Jesse, Fedora should use Wayland by default. May 02, 2020 · 7. 32 on Wayland run: gsettings set org. 04? Share7. Plug in the USB-C cable to the T480s and everything worked out-of-the-box! Oct 05, 2020 · I’d pretty much given up on the idea of a full GUI desktop on WSL on Surface Pro 3 because XFCE doesn’t even support fractional scaling yet. 5 release (December 2015). If you don't have it installed, you can probably find the package in your distribution's repository. В меню → System Settings → Display and Monitor в самом внизу есть большая кнопка Scale Display. I have been interested in fractional scaling for a long time now. 0 Reaches Alpha For This Popular Wayland Wayland : 07 May 23, 2017 · If you use a monitor with a high enough DPI, Fedora Workstation automatically scales all the elements of the Desktop to a 2:1 ratio, and everything would display crisply and not too small. 04 had support for it out of the box via the gui (not sure of the underlying implementation). 31. You’ll see faster file and app searches and a smoother scrolling. 5 , for example), or Wayland (which MATE doesn't support). GNOME’s fractional scaling works on the newer Wayland display server. 32 also brings several other features like fractional scaling, permission control for each application, granular control on Night Light intensity among many other changes. It has taken quite some time since the initial hackfest as it is a complex task, but we are getting close. Apr 18, 2019 · As many of you already know, GNOME 3. (Be aware the forums do not accept user names with a dash "-") Also, logging in lets you avoid the CAPTCHA verification when searching . Turn on fractional system scaling. On Gnome 3. 00 640x360 Jun 17, 2019 · I tried using Wayland with fractional scaling but as mentioned by @plumerlis Firefox, Chrome & Pycharm look blurred in the 4K monitor when I choose anything different to 100% (too small) or 200% (too big). that display resolution was done so that you simply double the 1440x600, exactly so you can avoid any fractional scaling values. Archived. Apr 04, 2019 · On the Fedora Workstation 30 front is fractional scaling and many other improvements via GNOME 3. Graphics: Mesa Intel® UHD Graphics (CML GT2). by Mike 7 months ago 7 months ago. I am running Fedora 32 with the standard GNOME / Wayland setup. 5 will give the best user experience. Mar 21, 2018 · Despite the best efforts of many fractional scaling wasn’t ready for the GNOME 3. to a developer, wait another day, petition Nvidia, or wipe the linux partition because it is pointless. Jul 08, 2020 · I’m curious what size screen do you have because 200% scaling on 1440p is way too big for a 14” and 15” screen. Jun 20, 2017 · Fractional scaling for HiDPI systems Fedora Workstation has been leading the charge in supporting HiDPI on Linux and we hope to build on that with the current work to enable fractional scaling support. Nov 14, 2017 · The biggest change I'm waiting for is fractional scaling support for Gnome under Weyland. HiDPI For windows to appear the correct size on high resolution outputs, everything on screen needs to be scaled. Sep 17, 2018 · 1. À la manière de la dernière Ubuntu, elle ne se distingue pas par ses nouvelles fonctions, mais par un travail de fond côté performances, apportant une réactivité Even worse: fractional scaling experimental feature Recently an experimental feature has been added to Gnome Shell to enable fractional scaling (i. Unfortunately the fractional scaling in Ubuntu 19. , which is all you can do with scaling-factor, may not be ideal for certain HiDPI displays and smaller screens (e. 32 brings supports for fractional scaling as an experimental option, which will satisfy those users who have HiDPI monitors. Для X11 нужна другая команда gsettings set org. But then again Intel NUCs are first-class Linux machines and I have been surprised how easily Iris is driving 4K screens and performance upgrades are still coming after all these years. Но это не так важно как отсутствие возможности хотя бы 32  27 Jun 2016 In this episode, I'll show you 3 easy changes you can make to scale your KDE Plasma desktop to look great on a high DPI display. Like other full-featured Linux desktop environments, Plasma is The image on this page HiDPI works (I'd say better than fractional scaling in Kubuntu, even), scaling settings. The XWayland/X11 Gtk+ backend can be still used via additional firefox-x11 package. - Cleaning up of Dolphin's hamburger menus. From what I can tell it does make things like Firefox demand a bit more processing power. After this I can only login to Ubuntu Wayland and disable the Fractional Scaling to get my computer working again in Gnome. And this post, the one you’re reading, will show you how. So, very cool to see this major program get Wayland support and thus high quality HiDPI support. GNOME is also a great place to mess around with the experimental feature of fractional scaling. You will have to register before you can post in the forums. possible values can be found here . The Fedora project also puts out a new version every six months. Additionally, several improvements to data structures in the GNOME Desktop led to noticeable frame rate improvements. g. Sadly, there’s no option to enable that one in the control center, so you’ll have to apply the following command in the terminal to enable it: gsettings set org. However, Xwayland apps like Firefox stable (and chrome) render blurry with fractional scaling. mutter experimental-features "['x11-randr-fractional-scaling']") to give me access to 125%, 150%, and 175% scaling factors, I discovered that setting the factor to anything but 100% would cause the problem. on my 32-bit Since X display server is default in Ubuntu 18. 04 won’t have fractional scaling feature? 3v1n0 2018-02-05 12:31:40 UTC #32. Aug 14, 2020 · This is why fractional scaling is important, as it allows you to scale to a fraction rather than a whole integer. 1 and cutter-re 1. 26 — but only in the Wayland session. 32 just support fractional scaling recently, however it is still flagged as 'experimental'. I highly recommend using The default Fedora desktop environment for installations with a graphical interface - GNOME - has been updated to version 3. 1. This issue also affects  В Fedora 32 KDE на intel 2955U на встроенной графике после Это была команда, если гном под wayland. Apr 30, 2019 · GNOME 3. Mutter is a Wayland display server and X11 window manager and compositor library. 10. While scaling factor of 1, 2, 3, and so on works for some May 11, 2020 · The official report said the 32 Fedora workstationand version of the Server, along with other popular options. I find 200% scaling is way too big, and 100% too small. interface text-scaling-factor" for font size scaling. 8. Sep 08, 2019 · Beginning with KDE Plasma 5. Mar 06, 2019 · Yeah, fractional scaling is not possible in GTK. KDE Plasma 5 is the fifth and current generation of the graphical workspaces environment created by KDE primarily for Linux systems. Unity Instructions. Apr 24, 2020 · Support for fractional scaling. net/informatica/linux/gnome-shell-fractional-scaling-in- wayland-landed/ I am loving Wayland Fractional scaling too. Org and Wayland desktop sessions. 7x), both for X. But those of you running GNOME on a HiDPI display need not despair as you can enable experimental fractional scaling in GNOME 3. g). Alt-tab on remote system works. This quick guide explains how you can enable fractional scaling in Ubuntu 18. 04 Disco Dingo Audiocasts/Shows/Videos: elementary OS, Wayland, UbuntuDDE Remix 20. Mar 13, 2019 · GNOME 3. Again my dual monitor Fedora setup looks identical to my iMac dual monitor setup. cc @carlosg, @romangg, @carewolf, @ddevault, @emersion edit 2020-05-19: Fractional Scaling; With Ubuntu 20. Under both Wayland and X11: Fedora has done it again. Gtk 3. e: 1. 0 binary and Fedora 32 (gnome wayland) on Intel graphics. The Night Light feature should now be updated correctly after DPMS, button scrolling, IM handling, and correct font-dpi setting should now work on X11, resizing of attached modal dialogs now works on Wayland, and enabling fractional scaling should no longer show visual glitches on background. The last time I had used Solus and Budgie was in 2016 when I built a desktop out of a cheap used Acer laptop. Now, the GNOME team has also added the much-awaited support for fractional scaling to the GNOME 3. Hi everyone. 32+ you might be able to enable it. You can achieve any non-integer scale factor by using a combination of GNOME's scaling-factor and xrandr. 5, GNOME provides, as a Technology Preview, fractional scaling to address problems with monitors whose DPI lies in the middle between lo (scale 1) and hi (scale 2). In this guide, we’ll discuss how you can install and configure Sway tiling :stransky : please do not skip setting the opaque region on scaling! It's not a problem to do it and we will fix it in Mutter. 32 (default for Ubuntu 19. Despite the feature being present, fractional display scaling is hidden by default, so there probably is a good reason for it. 9% For Summer 2020 Apr 13, 2020 · The warning that Fractional Scaling will reduce performance, increase power consumption etc is semi-reasonable. FastGadgets 47,775 views. 2 (Wayland): update yourself on the state of fractional scaling in the Linux Desktop, Wayland and GTK3  28 Nov 2020 KWin/compositing/window management. Fractional Scaling available as a Technology Preview Starting with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Then i checked all fractional scaling and saw there is a performance dip. GNOME Shell + Mutter 3. 32 includes experimental HiDPI fractional scaling for Wayland, but what you might not be aware of is that thanks to Marco Trevisan, it's also possible to use fractional scaling with the X11 session on Ubuntu 19. Jun 16, 2017 · Fractional Scaling. To make the default Fedora experience better, we’ve set nano as the default editor. 04, you can now enjoy fractional scaling with High-resolution monitors, displays. When I start Windows the 5k resolution (5120x2880@60) for the LG Ultrafine monitor, which is connected to the notebook using a thunderbolt 3 cable, is configured automatically and just works out of the box. com/burntcustard/x11-fractional-display-scaling GNOME 3. 04's default Gnome/ Wayland option). Fedora 32: mbedtls Fractional scaling (like 125% or 150%, which I have to use on my 4k monitor to make it look right) with org. 17, the desktop on Wayland now supports fractional scaling for a better HiDPI experience with KDE on this X11 alternative. Previously to try out Wayland with Workstation, there was an additional session in the login screen that allowed you to choose either login with Xorg or Wayland. With nvidia driver 440. mutter experimental-features " ['x11-randr-fractional-scaling']" Once set, you can open Settings > Devices > Screen Display to access additional fractional scaling values, including 125% and 150%. ) Very happy about this! Fractional Scaling. It works great at 2X, which covers most screens, but there are those where 1X KDE Plasma 5 is the fifth and current generation of the graphical workspaces environment created by KDE primarily for Linux systems. I usually connect a large external monitor to my laptop when working. But in this case I was really surprised on how smooth everything went. A setting of 2, 3, etc, which is all you can do with scaling-factor, may not be ideal for certain HiDPI displays and smaller screens (e. It contains functionality related to, among other things, window management, window compositing, focus tracking, workspace management, keybindings and monitor configuration. 3 Jun 2019 I consider myself a n00b in Linux and have recently moved to Ubuntu 18. Mar 08, 2019 · LXer: GNOME 3. ) I much prefer how Windows and Wayland do it. However, the implementation scales the applications even on some standard (Full HD) monitors. 2-3. Linux needs to catch up in a big way or be left out of the mix when it comes to quality with HiDPI screens. 2) I did not see Its still the case that fractional scaling isn't available in Fedora through the normal user UI settings though ? Comment 3 Jan Vlug 2018-06-23 08:35:18 UTC When fractional scaling is disabled (i. 32 also brings some performance improvements. Jun 17, 2020 · Now those that already fiddled with Thunderbolt / USB-C know that sometimes it is a bit challenging to get things working on Linux. As a former mac book user I own a 5k monitor. Currently, we only allow to scale windows by integral factors (typically 2). 32, is included in Fedora 30 workstation. 32 would be another cycle without fractional scaling merged, but it landed at the last possible moment. 50 Brings Big Updates For KDE : 09 Sep 2018: Sway 1. The feature will be implemented in GNOME Apr 15, 2020 · Fractional Scaling in GNOME Shell GNOME 3. 32 provides experimental support for scaling the UI by more granular amounts. Fractional scaling is, to my knowledge, only available under Wayland-based sessions. 04 comes with Gnome 3. Fedora 27 New Fedora 27 Workstation Features. Consequently, everything is a lot smaller than on usual FHD screens. The exact setting is "Change the size of text, apps, and other items" with a pulldown ranging from 100% by default to 300%+, as well as an option for custom scaling. I have tested it on Fedora 30 beta recently. but that mode is not something I think anybody would actually want to use. It requires manually adding scale-monitor-framebuffer to the settings keyorg. GNOME on Waylands should allow you to use fractional scaling. , has set fractional scaling. (When I use Windows, I have the luxury of free choice in the apps I use: I spend . 5 or 1. We both like to switch from Windows to Linux beginning with a dual boot setup. (200 is obviously out of the question. 04 Disco Dingo Logix April 17, 2019 As many of you already know, GNOME 3. interface scaling-factor 2. With wayland I can do fractional scaling, but the text tbh looks like garbage (in firefox . - Continued work on different elements of KDE System Settings. Fractional Scaling. Also going 4K on bigger sizes will still require fractional scaling for most people, take some of the the most popular sizes 27″ and 32″, on 27 4K a 200% is way too big, but at 150% you have the same working resolution of 1440p but with way higher pixel density, on 32 4K Mar 11, 2015 · The goal in Fedora is to progress to the point of replacing X with Wayland wherever it appears, and the login screen is a vital first step towards this goal. With this feature, you’ll be able to scale desktops at certain resolutions using non-integer values. But no real benefits either. 5 on my Fractional scaling (100% - 125% - 150% - 175% - 200%) is still experimental  6 Sep 2019 The registered trademark Linux® is used pursuant to a sublicense from the Linux Foundation, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of  4 Sep 2020 Our goal is to use the remainder of the Fedora Workstation 32 lifecycle and that Fedora Workstation on Wayland works perfectly for Korean input. Jun 11, 2019 · To enable fractional scaling in GNOME 3. For my 13 inch HiDPI screen 225 % might be ideal. Owner: Martin Fedora 34 Plans to Default Wayland Display Server for KDE Plasma. 4 Apr 2020 Click the "Fractional scaling" toggle 4. I searched and saw that there is a performance hit for fractional scaling on Ubuntu. Using a 4k display (3840x2160 at 28") most of the time. So I have a 1440p laptop which makes fractional scaling a must basically. 12, Wayland 1. Fedora 30 boasts of a fresh new look in the garments of GNOME 3. Released on April 28th 2020 after a patient wait from the fans and enthusiasts, there are no more barriers to getting it on your hands because it is now officially out. 2. org and the new fractional scaling option worked fine. In the end you might see a very huge or a very tiny widgets/fonts. Jul 01, 2019 · Enable Fractional Scaling In Ubuntu 19. Fractional scaling is available as an experimental option that includes several fractional values with good visual quality on any given monitor. gnome. 12 Nov 2014 Scaling should be enabled by default if GNOME detects a high-DPI display; Things will be much better under Wayland, we are told, but there Posted Nov 18, 2014 5:32 UTC (Tue) by quotemstr (subscriber, #45331) [Link] Fractional scaling in practice works fine; thanks for implementing it in Firefox. 10 have fractional scaling as an experimental feature as it is developed at the moment. As many of you already know, GNOME 3. For Wayland, we have per-monitor scaling. Running X410 on HiDPI Screens. The feature makes it possible to scale the GUI by fractions, which improves the appearance of scaled GUI on certain displays. This also will  6 Mar 2019 Does mate have any other settings for UI scaling? granttrec 7 March 2019 04: 32 #10. Oct 19, 2020 · There's a lot of intense, opinionated debate on the current state of Plasma's Wayland session these days. 32 Desktop Environment to Feature Fractional Scaling on Wayland: LXer: Syndicated Linux News: 0: 03-08-2019 09:11 PM: LXer: How to Enable Fractional Scaling in Gnome: LXer: Syndicated Linux News: 0: 10-12-2017 11:10 AM . 5 x1. 26 adds support for fractional scaling for high DPI screens. This seems to be fueled by mainly two events, Fedora's announcement to flip to Wayland by default for version 34 of their KDE variant, and a a recent fork of KWin and a few other components of Plasma, KWinFT. 04 on a Lenovo T460s with a Core i7 6600U with an Intel HD Graphics 520. Fedora releases two versions in a year and Fedora 33 is the last version of 2020. Dec 19, 2020 · After being left a bit underwhelmed by Ubuntu Budgie 20. I tested that both with my old MacBook Pro 2017 (running an AMD graphics card) and my new Lenovo ThinkPad Aug 21, 2020 · Fractional scaling in 20. You should see intermediate options like 125%, or 150%. Anyway, as of gnome 3. - Various GTK integration fixes. 19 Mar 2019 Gnome 3. mutter called experimental-features which is of type as (array of strings - it accepts multiple string values) and one particular value enables HiDpi support on Wayland (including fractional values): • "scale-monitor-framebuffer" — makes mutter default to layout logical Mar 14, 2018 · Certain Qt 5 apps like VLC or Calibre are configured to use window scaling for high DPI monitors. Fedora 30 Released with GNOME 3. The scaling can currently only be either 1:1 or 2:1, there is no way to have fractional ratios. Enlarge UI and text by 200% — Use Xresources + GDK + QT env vars to scale everything by 200%. You can browse the entire list of changes Firefox Wayland By Default On Gnome. Mar 01, 2019 · Fractional scaling is primarily to improve the user experience with modern HiDPI displays. The gnome-shell-extensions “desktop-icons” from the Fedora repositories does not work under Gnome 3. 6 Released including Ubuntu, Kali Linux, and Fedora. 5x1. I have to - right now it produces bold (~50 pixel width) black rectangle round Firefox main window (Fedora 30 / mutter-3. Wayland. interface scaling-factor: uint32 0 gtk-print-scale-factor: Scale factor: 1. I learned from somewhere that Wayland has enabled per-monitor scaling. The fruit of their labor is now ready for the masses to enjoy. Jul 17, 2019 · Greetings everyone ! I’m using Fedora Workstation 30 Gnome 3. Fedora ARM (aarch64 and ARMv7) I've never understood why fractional scaling is so hard for the Gnome people to pull off when Unity was able to do it without any real problems. 7 7. 04 is hidden by default. Org and Wayland. Initial support for Wayland was made available in the 5. It fixes CVE-2019-19590 and CVE-2019-19547. cairo_surface_create_similar() does copy device scale. Even if I keep on fractional scaling, but put either 100% or 200%, still not problem appears. I should mention that I have my resolution set to 4K 3840x2160. 36 which provides native support for fractional scaling. 6. May 11, The possibility of including fractional scaling in Ubuntu is already there and it is no longer a hidden optionthat can. If I disable fractional scaling and put everything into 100% or 200%, no problem appears. Fractional Scaling on Fedora 32. At the top is an option to always show the universal access menu on the desktop. Fractional Scaling available as a Technology Preview Starting with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Not only is Wayland not supported under Budgie, but throughout the GNOME stack I have disabled Wayland support (such as in GDM), since it breaks X11 NVIDIA sessions because the switching / fallback doesn't work properly. The GNOME 3. On Nvidia and ATI machines I am using only wayland-session. 200% is way too big, 100% is way too small. It features scaling percentages in settings with options – 100%, 125%, 150%, 175% and 200%. KDE has better support for handling fractional scaling which is needed in HiDpi Displays. 04 on Xorg run: gsettings set org. 32 and Linux Kernel 5. 2 LTS. How To Enable HiDPI Fractional Scaling For Wayland Or X11 On Ubuntu 19. A setting of 2, 3, etc. 04. Now you will see the screen share option in skype/other software will be available while you are in a video call. Apr 30, 2019 · Fedora 30 Linux rolls out. For backend implementation, if you are using Plasma, you need xdg-desktop-portal-kde from Plasma 5. 0; Intel's IGC 1. geekQ 14 December 2019 09:51 Xrandr scaling: Changed the way we compute supported scaling values in X11, so that it works even before changing an output scaling, and in the way we can share the main code between X11 and wayland; Various refactoring neeeded to support native output scaling; Added settings for supporting fractional scaling in X Fractional scaling was also introduced, as well as external monitor support for hybrid graphics. Oct 11, 2017 · Fractional Scaling on NVIDIA & Wayland [Ubuntu 17. 28. Oct 02, 2020 · I want Wayland to be good in general, but the main reason I care about this is fractional scaling at 150%. Even if, I enabled the experimental feature reccomanded by several websites. We use our desktop computers for office, graphics, internet, audio Apr 17, 2020 · Mir 1. Topic: HiDPI mode. Ubuntu’s Unity desktop environment is probably one of the best for HiDPI displays. 32 56. You may know Fedora best as the cutting-edge Linux for the desktop, but these days, Fedora leads the way for Red Hat on containers, the server, the Internet of Things LLVMpipe Gallium3D Driver Now Exposes OpenGL 4. It contains major new features, as well as many smaller improvements and bug fixes. 32, more experimental options have worked their way in, but you will have to jump through a few hoops. coldtea on Dec 17, 2016 > User space software stack is not aware of it, the frameworks know only of scale 1, 2 and 3 (on iOS). Gnome 3. For Ubuntu, Mir is available from the Mir PPAs. 32 release brings improvements and bug fixes for fractional scaling, although this feature is still considered experimental (requires enabling an option via gsettings). I've mentioned about fractional scaling in Gnome during my Ubuntu 19. Re: HiDPI and fractional scaling Mon Feb 03 14:32:27 GMT 2014 Re: Underlying DE for the Fedora Workstation product Wed Feb 05 20:17:29 GMT 2014 Re: Underlying DE for the Fedora Workstation product Wed Feb 05 22:48:24 GMT 2014 There's also a Fedora 32 COPR with the packages (manually built so it may lag behind at times) Still filed as WIP so we can get all pieces lined up. Mar 21, 2019 · I upgraded to gnome 3. Ubuntu 19. Wayland seems to be installed, and I've also installed gnome-session-wayland-session. I’ve been using Sway since I switched my Linux distribution from Arch Linux to Fedora Silverblue. This results in a number of different types of behavior, based on how the game is written - the game might be fixed in the desktop resolution, or rendered as a small centered image with black bars Can confirm with the official 2. Improved performance for DNF HiDPI displays is what I see mentioned the most. 6x1. experimental-features. Earlier GNOME would allow the users to scale windows by integral factors (typically 2). 32 includes experimental HiDPI fractional scaling for Wayland, but what you might now be aware of is that thanks to Marco Trevisan, it's also possible to use fractional scaling with the X11 session on Ubuntu 19. 94 720x405 60. GNOME 3. "Codenamed "Disco Dingo", 19. A reboot/logout might be necessary, I'm not sure. (error-message!). Workstation Wayland Fedora. To enable it enter the following in a console. 0 Alpha 6 Released, Now Supports Wayland : 22 Sep 2018: KDE Frameworks 5. The Spotify interface doesn't follow the scaling factor set in the Gnome Settings ( 200%). Wayland with fractional scaling seems work very well for me, but lagging of mouse movement and blurry of X11 app willcooke pinned April 16, 2019, 11:32am #17. mutter experimental-features "['x11-randr-fractional-scaling']" After that you can go to Display Settings and sets different scaling ratio for each monitor you have, even in 25% increments. Being the original home of the Budgie desktop I was hoping to find a more polished experience. It was looking like GNOME 3. Switch to Wayland. 10 / GNOME 3. fc30. This feature seems to set GTK scaling to 2x and then apply a global screen scaling via Xrandr or similar. Some of the other improvements that hit this week just ahead of their Akademy 2019 conference included: GNOME/Ubuntu developer Marco Trevisan reports on the fractional scaling feature for the GNOME 3. 2, the latter being scheduled for release on May 8th, 2019. The latest release comes with GCC 9, Bash 5. 17 where KDE/Qt software could be blurry. It works great at 2X, which covers most screens, but there are those where 1X Fractional scaling The GNOME 3. And Chrome and hence everything Electron-based don’t support Wayland. Dec 16, 2016 · The other major gripe I have with Wayland is that it doesn't appear to support fractional scaling for HiDPI screens. But when you then ask if fractional scaling works on Wayland, the answer is "yes, but it doesn't work for any app you actually use". 3. 6 gives identical results as my iMac 5K setup. 04 and Ubuntu 19. 26, there's a new dconf key under org. 10, I decided to check out Solus Budgie 4. 32 Lands Long-Awaited Fractional Scaling GNOME : 01 Mar 2019: Sway 1. For more information, see the release notes. Oct 27, 2016 · Fedora will generally do a good job of configuring these settings during installation, but it can sometimes be necessary to modify these settings. Jul 01, 2020 · Linux Mint 20: Still the best Linux desktop despite one quirk. Doc Text: . Anyone know what slowing things down so badly? I have an HDPI screen and would like to use a display scaling factor of 1. 13 апр 2017 Ещё пару лет назад я про поддержку таких мониторов в Linux говорил, Или пьём горькую и ждём, когда Wayland доделают. screen sharing option is not available in skype when you log in with wayland which is default is fedora gnome. These may be installed as standalone full versions of Fedora or as add-ons to existing Fedora installations. Only works on Wayland. 04, you cannot enable fractional scaling. Jul 04, 2018 · In Fedora you should be already covered when you install it. Getting fractional scaling right in Xorg is tricky, but possible. Fedora 32 Released. mutter experimental-features " ['scale-monitor-framebuffer']" To enable fractional scaling in Ubuntu 19. Jul 21, 2019 · In GNOME 3. Fedora uses Wayland as a display driver by default and while fractional scaling has been available for several releases now, it is sadly still not considered mature enough to be offered in the system settings. 10 May 2020 Fractional Scaling on Fedora 32. 32 will have only two maintenance updates, GNOME 3. Starting with this GNOME release though, the shell will paint all its elements in a good visual quality at any fractional scaled value, independently for every monitor. I heard that fractional scaling support is based on wayland, So Ubuntu 18. Xwayland Scaling May 17, 2018 · On Wayland, Mutter doesn't draw server side decorations any more, to have unified decorations for Qt apps we have to draw it on the client side using QGnomePlatform. 32 is set to release on 13th March 2019. Notable changes include: Notable changes include: The interface has received a refreshed visual style, including the UI, icons, and the desktop itself Sep 15, 2019 · Fractional scaling makes XWayland clients blurry. A big thank you to Canonical for trying to support fractional scaling values. If you are using GNOME 3. Igalia has been working in a patch for a long time now but AFAICS there are many blockers open that don’t seem to be a priority for Chromium developers, so any ETA from some months to some years would be purely speculative. Apr 29, 2019 · Windows has at least addressed fractional scaling in a good way, although its certainly not perfect. 32 out of the box, featuring fractional scaling for those of you with HiDPi screens, and a host of modernized UI improvements. That was until I was reading Reddit and someone ( FriendlyJewThrowaway ) posted about KDE on WSL2 running nicely with VcXsrv as the X-Server. The desktop includes fractional scaling, a refreshed visual style Apr 05, 2019 · In GNOME 3. As a result, windows don't get brought forward when  Testing Eclipse 4. I did change the font size in the Tweak tool but how do i Fractional scaling. But due to the nvidia drivers I cannot switch to wayland session. 32 desktop environment will feature fractional scaling for HiDPI/4K displays, implemented in the GNOME Shell and Mutter components. Apr 30, 2019 · Fedora 30 brings the usual mix of performance improvements and new packages, though progress in Fedora and associated projects makes Linux on the desktop easier to use. 32. It also fix a proble Setting cairo_surface_set_device_scale to 2,2 does produce a crisp image on a HiDPI monitor but with all our custom code it is hard to see what else needs to change. It can be removed when new mutter hit distros. 32 is the latest version of GNOME 3, and is the result of 6 months’ hard work by the GNOME community. To include a fractional scaling in GNOME 3. Second, if Steps to reproduce Install Ubuntu 19. You can also configure Antialiasing for fonts and fonts Scaling Factor for HiDPi monitors. Distros. 32 includes experimental HiDPI fractional scaling for Wayland, but what you might not be aware of is t My 28" 4K monitor with a gnome scaling factor of 2 and xrandr scale factor of 1. 36. The solution that works for me comes in 2 parts. As an experimental feature, GNOME 3. KDE Plasma 5 is the successor of KDE Plasma 4 and was first released on 15 July 2014. If i select 2x scaling it makes things bigger, but the problem is that they are too big. Oct 18, 2019 · I have installed the F31 Beta on my laptop with a HiDPI screen. 3v1n0. To get the screen share option. Login into Wayland session on login screen. just log out or restart in login screen select xorg using the settings button. 32, reports Phoronix. A scale factor of 1. Recently I installed Ubuntu 20. 32 is the first version to support fractional scaling, an oft-requested feature that allows everything on screen to look ‘normal’ on HiDPI monitors. I'm on Fedora 29, but this should be the same issue on Ubuntu 18. Some people have commented to use wayland session. On Fedora you can install firefox-wayland and thunderbird-wayland to have properly scaling versions of each. It needs to come from X11 (you can do this using xrandr --scale 1. 04 Disco Dingo. 32 which comes with the new features. If I choose anything over 100% it will jump to 200% automatically. This feature is a major enhancement for the GNOME desktop. rofi-lbonn-wayland-git AUR is a fork of rofi that works in Wayland and also has an -x11 flag if you need to launch it in an X11 session. Thank you. mutter. Enable Fractional Scaling in Ubuntu 20. Jan 22, 2020 · Hi @asmita and welcome to ask fedora! when you have time maybe you want check out the section # start-here. But, when I try to put full screen for a fractional scaling monitor, chaos emerges. However, there are a couple of caveats with the current support. Starting with this GNOME release though, the shell will paint all its elements in a good visual quality at any fractional scaled value, independently for every monitor Fractional Scaling available as a Technology Preview Starting with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. This proves somewhat limiting as there are many systems that are just in between the dpi ranges that are good for scale factor 2, or unscaled. For Fedora 28+, you can use this COPR repository and you are ready to go. 5 days ago Fractional scaling is possible on both Wayland and Xorg, though the The Linux console changes the font to TER16x32 (based on ter-i32b 28 Aug  Fedora 32 powered by Linux Kernel 5. - A Wayland fractional scaling fix for KDE Plasma 5. png So, counter-intuitively, the three keyboard shortcuts for zooming in Spotify for Linux are:. It needs to be enabled manually through a simple terminal command: Mar 15, 2019 · Fractional Scaling. In the link "Found here" there was no mention of fractional scaling, and in Fedora 28 (gnome-shell 3. Apr 03, 2019 · Fractional Scaling: One of the big features that landed, although still considered experimental was the fractional scaling feature that has been a collaboration between Jonas Ådahl here at Red hat and Marco Trevisan at Canonical. For HiDPI displays, you may want fractional scaling values, like 125% or 150%, and here’s how to do the job. 264 coverage, NVIDIA binary driver support under Wayland via EGLStreams, improved gaming support on Wayland, various developer enhancements, flicker-free booting work carried over from F29, and much more. 28, it does not work. This icon with a drop-down shows in the upper right of my desktop arrangement, alongside a set of icons with a drop-down list that allows quick access to settings, network, and i need a distro based on ubuntu that doesn't overheat the laptop, has a good battery life and has non blurry fractional scaling (150%). mutter experimental-features "['x11-randr-fractional-scaling']" ArchWiki - HiDPI - fractional scaling. It does do it with Wayland, experimentally, but Ubuntu decided (after giving it a go in the test releases) not to make Wayland the default for 18. Once the switch is toggled ON, the display settings offer four levels of scaling, including 100%, 125%, 150%, and 175%. Gnome under X11 only has 1x, 2x and 3x scaling. I believe it was an Aspire One Cloudbook with a Celeron 3050, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of "The other major gripe I have with Wayland is that it doesn't appear to support fractional scaling for HiDPI screens. Ah no, I The HiDPI scale factor needs a 'fractional scaling' fine-grained selection. The reasoning behind this is that the login screen is sufficiently isolated and contained, making it an ideal first place to use Wayland by default. Wayland seems a bit more consistent in terms of display switching between docked Monitors and internal screen, that’s it. 32, improved open-source H. This is achievable under X using some combination of integer scaling and xrandr, and Ubuntu 17. 26 has experimental fractional scaling for Wayland. desktop. 32 features Fractional scaling to make the elements of the UI a bit larger to fit in larger displays. Only scaling I didn’t get dip in performance was at 100% and 200%. If Fractional scaling only works with Wayland and not Xorg. support for fractional scaling in the Highlights of Xfce 4. 26] Ubuntu 19. This change affects Gnome only and won't be enabled for other Wayland compositors (KDE Plasma, Sway). mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer', 'x11-randr-fractional-scaling']" This will enable fractional scaling for both Wayland and Xorg sessions. For wayland session, set the value to ['scale- monitor-framebuffer'] For those familiar with Linux commands, do the job via single command: On a 32″ 4K screen, scaling of 1. @danielvanvugt No, that's different When you enable the fractional-scaling option in mutter's experimental key, you will see more scaling values in g-c-c. It also further adjust the scaling if you have several monitors attached. Scrolling in large chats has a noticeable slowdown. 04 Wayland fractional scaling and multiple monitors hidden UI elements I'm using multiple monitors with different DPI and fractional scaling. Dec 22, 2019 · Fractional Scaling The GNOME Foundation has attempted to outdo itself with this update by introducing fractional scaling for Wayland sessions. To get a workstation and a server version, you need to visit the official download page of Fedora Workstation, Fedora Server (depending on what you need). 10, install Telegram Desktop from repository, install qtwayland5 and libqt5waylandclient5 packages. 32, version 5. 0. Just installed this distro Is it possible to turn on fractional scaling like on Ubuntu 20. [8] Stable support for a basic Wayland session was provided in the 5. Since we introduced HiDPI support we have been improving it step by step, for instance last year we introduced support for dealing with different DPI levels per monitor for Wayland applications. Mar 05, 2019 · GNOME 3. Marco Trevisan on Fractional Scaling continued, to get XRandr backend and XWayland clients support. Fedora 32 will definitely strike the chord for most of its users and the ones who have a keen eye on joining in. The GNOME Shell changes and Mutter changes have been merged ahead of GNOME 3. Sep 14, 2020 · On Windows 10, which i have also installed on the same laptop, the scaling is set to 125% by default and the display looks fine, but on Linux Mint if i go to settings > appearance > settings there are only two options for scaling - 1x and 2x. May 06, 2019 · There are three flavors of Fedora that is the Workstation, Server and Atomic Host editions. This brings a new and improved Builder IDE to bear for developers, providing a new interface, contextual popups, improved search functions and a new debugger. Fedora developer Ray Strode recently posted to the Fedora Developers list with the news that Wayland is now used by default when you log into GNOME with Fedora Workstation. A new release of Fedora 32. The loginctl shows that not wayland is the default display server, despite the fact that archlinux claims that wayland is the default disyplay May 12, 2019 · On Sun, 12 May 2019 19:00:32 +0200 Gianluca Cecchi <[hidden email]> wrote: > having a new 13. Our eyes aren't the best so we use both 150% fractional scaling on our monitors. How do I make it obey Gnome scaling, which is set to 200%?. 32 released Posted Mar 18, 2019 10:17 UTC (Mon) by epa (subscriber, #39769) [ Link ] a high resolution display with a fractional scaling (for example 125% or 175%), Operating System Linux (for example Fedora 31 Wayland), JavaFX preview Dec 20, 2020 · (I. On a 165-DPI laptop screen, everything is too small on zoom level 100, and text scaling is ugly and hacky. Other gtk apps in gnome will follow dconf configuration "org. 00 800x600 60. 25 or 1. mutter experimental-features "['scale-monitor-framebuffer']" enabled breaks rendering of apps running on Xwayland (like ungoogled-chromium) Fractional scaling is not officially supported on versions lower than 3. 32 as the default desktop environment. Fractional scaling available for GNOME Shell on Wayland On a *GNOME Shell on Wayland* session, the fractional scaling feature is available. Once enabled, desktops at certain resolutions can be scaled by non-integer values (150%, 175%). 32, you need to: to use Wayland; manually add the scale-monitor-framebuffer in the gsettings key org. 32 yesterday on my archlinux distro and fractional scaling option doesn't show up in Display setting. 60. This was without installing nvidia driver. TV was working fine with version 12 but I have to connect to PCs running version 13. more adjusting with fonts and scaling to get things there. wofi lacks some features from rofi like an SSH mode and a window-switching mode. When enabled, you can go to panel “Settings”> “Display” to select the scale value that includes the values 125%, 150%, 175% and 200%. I have the same issue with Fedora 27 (32 bit). But meh – it works. Under Gnome 3. i tried ubuntu budgie which has a good fractional scaling, but gnome heats it pretty quickly so i guess gnome is out of question. 4 looks fine. . Any suggestions would be much apprecieated <3 Period22 ( 2018-01-11 00:11:32 -0600) edit. Mar 13, 2019 · This release introduces an experimental feature for Wayland desktop sessions that enables fractional scaling. 0, and Gnome 3. Dec 16, 2016 · OS X CAN do fractional scaling as far as user is concerned (doesn't matter who scales it up or down), while Fedora cannot (with Wayland, at least). Running a quick command to enable fractional scaling (gsettings set org. Feb 21, 2020 · Welcome! If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ. 32 release brings improvements and bug fixes for fractional scaling, although this feature is still considered experimental . Load up PHPStorm or  3 Mar 2020 Doesn't break anything on Wayland (even per display scale continues FEDORA-2020-9ca13f551b has been pushed to the Fedora 32 testing  1 Mar 2019 Phoronix is the leading technology website for Linux hardware reviews, Fractional scaling paired with multiple Wayland performance  30 Oct 2020 For fedora 32 users the main noticeable difference apart from the new Wayland as a display driver by default and while fractional scaling has  fractional scaling disfunctions libreoffice auto-filters On Fedora it was simple. It looks great on GTK3 apps. The display settings now include an easy toggle switch for fractional scaling. New app icon style Fractional scaling Apr 30, 2019 · The latest version of the free and open source Fedora operating system, Fedora 30, is now generally available. 04 | Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti Using an 32 "4K monitor with 3840x2160 Update: I've narrowed this down to Ubuntu on Wayland, running without  15 Oct 2019 For HiDPI displays, you may want fractional scaling values, like 125% or 150%, and here's how to do the job. 38. 25 864x486 60. Sublime Text 3 has recently switched from GTK2 to GTK3 and also looks fine. The new release ships with GNOME 3. 24, and would like to try Wayland. Ubuntu still uses the older X window display server by default. Now you do not need to run some tweak commands in GNOME to enable it as it is available by default. With this release, Fedora brings all of its desktop spins to their respective latest versions. With the wide range of different DPI screens available this may cause a strange middle ground on some displays, where the UI is either too small or too large when scaled. [2] [39] Beta News reviewer Brian Fagioli in particular praised the availability of fractional scaling and stacking and noted "what the company does with Pop!_OS, essentially, is improve upon Ubuntu with tweaks and changes to make it even more user Fedora Labs is a selection of curated bundles of purpose-driven software and content as curated and maintained by members of the Fedora Community. It also includes fractional scaling, changing visual style, enhancements in graphics and modern Jan 24, 2018 · gsettings set org. 6 Only works on Wayland. New Wayland support should be implemented the same way like X11 or Mir. The Fedora team takes pride in Fedora's support for software developers, with an array of well integrated development tools – along with several standard desktop options and end-user applications. It makes it easy to replace i3 and use Wayland as the display protocol. Before you enable fractional scaling, check in System Display settings how much scale option is available. Oct 27, 2020 · In Fedora KDE, we’ve followed the work in Fedora 32 Workstation and enabled the EarlyOOM service by default to improve the user experience in low-memory situations. gsettings set org. 1. 4241 Graphics Compiler Adds DG1 Platform Support; Steam On Linux Is Still Bouncing Around 0. Sway is a tiling Wayland compositor that’s fully compatible with an existing i3 configuration. I was aware that Wayland supports mixed DPI environments very well but I  23 Apr 2018 Tested on Fedora 32/GNOME 3. I suggest to make few experiments with different values (just setting mentioned environment variable) to see how it will behave. 32 and not supported at all inside GNOME in versions lower than 3. I'm using Fedora 26 and Gnome 3. First I used x. 1 share Ubuntu 18. fedora 32 wayland fractional scaling

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