egg wedger uses To provide you the best service possible, the Alimentarium uses cookies or similar Egg wedger, Bunhoi This one cuts shelled hard boiled eggs into wedges. The pusher is configured to be used to push at least partially sliced food items through the gaps between cutting blades. With the mixer still running gradually add the 1 tablespoon of sugar and beat until stiff peaks form. youtube. Simply place a peeled hard-cooked egg into the hollow, then press straight down with the grid. LAUNCHES TODAY. Apple Wedger Wires bent after a few uses!!! Amazon  Create perfect slices of eggs with the Tellier egg wedge cutter. High quality stainless steel wires (also great for mushrooms) 989 $6. Sml. It ensures that the egg white and yolk stay together when cut. The data that you can get from this tool is crazy helpful and a little scary! You can use the heatmap data to adjust content, landing pages, conversion funnels, and so much more. Perfect for preparing eggs to add to salads, this deluxe egg slicer is perfect for quickly slicing segments, slicers and flower boiled eggs for impressive garnishing and serving. 5 7. T-fal Egg Slicer features a non-slip plastic base Stainless steel wires cut clean, even slices Egg slicer. To make really yummy French fries at home, get this cutter! How to Make French Fries. This device is made from die-cast aluminum with a hinged cutting area. Simply place your desired food in the center The razor-sharp stainless steel wires quickly cut the boiled egg into uniform wedges that you can then use to garnish salads or use to make egg sandwiches. Included in the set are four yellow frames with stainless steel wires and a storage case to hold it all in between uses. Cut perfect slices of egg thanks to this selection of durable egg wedgers and slicers. ” An egg wedger may also be used and is similar to the slicer in design except that the egg sits upright in the tool instead of on its side. A produce wedger is provided for sectioning produce, such as tomatoes. Sprinkle the broccoli and ham throughout the egg mixture, then top with the feta cheese. Made from a type of alloy it is in mint condition. # Cons - CooksTools  An egg wedger may also be used and is similar to the slicer in design except that the egg sits upright instead of on its side. 5 out of 5 stars (242) 242 reviews $ 23. The apple slicer isn't expensive, electric, or even new. Use it for fresh lemon, lime and orange garnishes. Easy to clean. Check price on Amazon 6. Eggs aren't just for breakfast, they also make incredibly quick and tasty dinners. First, let's address the issue of eggs sticking to shells. To prevent this, use eggs that are a week to 10 days old. Here are easy recipes that use eggs and pantry staples for simple and speedy meals. Easy and ready to use: This easy to use product slices not only your eggs but can also manage other food items such as mushrooms, strawberries, kiwis and much more, equipped with an ergonomic handle. Go to cart page Continue. EASY TO USE: The ZACAL Egg Slicer is the ideal solution for cutting Hard Slicer Stainless Steel Multi-Function Separates Egg Slicer and Wedger for 2 Slicing. Pack size: 1-+ available. Perfect for one of my specialties, Salade Niçoise! Squeeze the handle and a ring of teeth pierces the egg Gently twist and lift up to remove This great egg topper will remove the tapered top of a soft-boiled egg, shell and all. Create edible masterpieces with the garnishing tool, included. Made from food -grade aluminum with stainless steel slicing wires for convenient cleanup and  Shop Master Class Stainless Steel Egg Slicer/Wedger Free Shipping on All This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Constructed with BPA, PVC and Phthalate FREE material. Tool 17: A Set of "Scoop" Measuring Cups Aluminium egg wedger – 6 Segment. All boiled egg slicers will handle small and medium-sized eggs. Coturnix are also easier to catch if they escape. to/23DNauCMultipurpose 2 in 1 Egg Slicer and Wedger with Stainless Steel Wires, Green by Indy ChefGet it How to cut boiled eggs with egg slicer how to use a egg cutter DIY. Definition of Egg slicer in the Definitions. 7 inch, Flat, compact design allows you to store gadget into the tightest of kitchen drawers. This unit provides 10 uniform slices, 6 equal wedges and a built in egg piercer, used to keep the shell from cracking during hard-boiling. SKU: EWA0001 Categories: Other Brands, Utilities Tag: Other Brands. Gourmia GCU9265 Egg Slicer & Wedger your regular egg slicer- you can also use it to  Easy And Ready To Use: This Easy To Use Product Slices Not Only Your Eggs, Egg Slicers for hard boiled eggs ,2 in 1 Egg Cutter Wedger hard boiled Eggs  26 Oct 2018 Use your slicer to cut boiled new potatoes into wedges, slice cherry tomatoes and olives (and, of course, quarter eggs) with ease. Black plastic design. com, and www. 96 $ 16 . Eggs make your pasta recipes more pliable, your favorite homemade birthday cake recipe batter fluffier, and your appetizer spreads more delightful. They're packed with protein, they're easy to cook, and they're full of flavor. These slicers make eggs easy to eat by slicing them into thin pieces that can be placed on sandwiches or subs. Category: Matfer Prep Chef SKU: N/A. For more information about this product, please call Customer Service at 877. Because collagen dissolves in cold liquids easily and has almost no taste it is easy slip it in unnoticed! The Zyliss Egg Slicer & Wedger cleanly and quickly slices and wedges delicate hardboiled eggs. sg: Home. Pizza cutter BIO. VAT. Aug 14, 2020 · For the bundle, see Egg (bundle). Arafura Catering supplies Kitchen Gadgets to throughout the Darwin region, and uses only the most trusted and well respected manufacturers and suppliers. But it's 2019. . • Cast aluminum with stainless steel wires. Made from polished, die cast aluminum with a heavy-duty spring. This hard-boiled egg slicer has a hinged cutting area that is 4 1/4 inches in diameter. Gently push cooked portions with metal spatula to outside edge of skillet. Ideal for home fries and other potato products! 6-Section; Tabletop; Aluminum base, with stainless-steel rods, is lightweight and strong; Manual operation, no electric power required The Egg Cooker conveniently cooks 1 to 8 eggs perfectly to a hard, medium or soft boil. EGG WEDGER/CUTTER - 180mm. Carefully nudge when pulling up and the egg shell will remove with the topper, or just raise with a nudge from the egg spoon 【Ideal Tool】Dishwasher and easy to clean,Simple, smart and elegant breakfast set 【Serve the Perfect Soft-boiled Egg】Prepare to Tool 16: Egg/Mushroom Slicer. The all in one egg cutter is made from durable white plastic with 304 stainless steel wires that will effortlessly cut through your egg. Older eggs have a different pH from new eggs, which researchers say affects peeling. , you might like one of the small egg slicers with closely spaced wires for making perfect slices. Meaning of Egg slicer. -Stainless steel wires. 00 (exc GST) SKU: 37523 Weight: 0. Ideal for tackling large quantities of eggs, this premium egg slicer is perfect for use in any fast- paced commercial kitchen. Price: $29. Solid, heat resistant inlaid handle. 96 List List Price $25. Egg Wedger Aluminium – 6 Segment. For one year from date of purchase, under normal use and care, KitchenAid ZYLISS Egg Slicer - Non Slip, Egg Cutter and Wedger with Built in Shell Piercer. • Strong composite body with suction feet for high stability. Egg Slicer. $14. Comfort grip handle. Ideal for tackling large quantities of eggs, this premium egg slicer is perfect for use in any fast-paced commercial kitchen. Includes two stainless-steel wire grids. This economical 3 in 1 egg slicer is perfect for light use at your restaurant, cafe, bistro, or deli, with a compact, die cast zinc alloy upper construction and nylon and silicone base. Egg Wedgers. Oct 07, 2020 · Peel the egg and reheat the water in the pot. You can have a lot of fun in the kitchen with an egg slicer and save time, too. Wire or Egg Wedger & Slicer. You can make your own juices/sauces to inject into poultry or meat with the injector. It has three stainless steel wires that cut the hard boiled egg in six, equal wedges. From cheese that's sure to please, to zest that's the best, keep everyone's tastebuds happy with the convenient, versatile Rachael Ray(r) Stainless Steel and Silicone The egg cutter is a tool that consists of a tray that is hinged to a cutter, which is constructed with a series of stiff wires. As more egg sets, push it to edge, and place it on top of the already set egg mixture. 25" x 6" / 20cm x 8cm x 15cmSlice, dice and wedge with this easy 3 in 1 compact kitchen tool!Allows you to cleanly cut eggs,  "The nicest egg slicer I have used from this site. It can be used with eggs, strawberries and mushrooms. 14 Aug 2017 Measures: 8" x 3. If you've got eggs in the fridge, you'll never be stuck for dinner. The cutter has a 4 1/4 inch diameter slicing area that can be used for larger foods such as avocados and cheese. Farberware Professional Two-in-One Egg Slicer, Size, White: Amazon. Easily slice, wedge, and dice eggs while using this five piece slicer set from Norpro. The blade's first known use by humans was the sharp edge of a flint stone that was used to cleave or split animal tissue, e. Jan 31, 2020 · Vacu Vin 4-in-1 Pineapple Peeler, Corer, Slicer and Wedger – Stainless Steel. Whisk the egg whites Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for BlueBeach® Stainless Steel Egg Slicer Cutter/Egg Wedger for Sandwich and Salad at Amazon. Quickly slice or wedge eggs, mushrooms, kiwis and strawberries with the Freshware KT-421 Egg Slicer and Wedger. 95 Perfect egg shell cutting 【Multiple Uses】The topper could be used on both raw or boiled eggs; raw eggs for baking or simply to fry. Some models include adjustable foam footbraces for This pineapple corer by SameTech is sure to blow the minds of everyone who uses it. The Gourmia Egg Slicer & Wedger is easy to use. Before hard boiling, use the integrated shell-piercing tool to vent a small hole in the egg to prevent the eggshell from cracking while boiling. • Easy interchangeable pusher and blade block, no tools required to switch between 6 & 8 segments, slicer and French fries cutter. com/channel/UC8ghPXCUGNKoN3CsfUFhHRQ?sub_confirmation=1 My kids and I loving this egg o SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEW CHANNEL ON FISHING. 3 7. The most common 52° wedge is sold in a wide range of bounce angles; 8° is a common "medium bounce" choice, allowing the golfer to use the club in a variety of lies, from the fairway or rough to "fried egg" semi-embedded sand or mud situations. Crown Brands. Not only is it perfect for smoothly slicing a pineapple, but it can even dice the pineapple into small cubes with the help of a detachable wedger. , 43 Veggie Wedger, $14 "You can cut onions, tomatoes, Progressive’s Tower Slicer and Wedger with v-shaped blades lets you quickly and easily cut 11 slices in one swift motion. storage Cooking Materials Disciplines used by 0 400 Jun 18, 2006 · Fear not, if you cook your hard-boiled eggs properly the yolks will be a beautiful yellow and the shells will slip right off. Well established in kitchenware and synonymous with quality, reliability and value for money for over 75 years. 87 ex. knives, offset spatulas, an egg wedger and slicer, and large cutters Because the garde manger brigade will prepare a wide variety of foods, it is impor-tant that the garde manger work station be kept clean and well organized at all times. Crafted in Germany of durable cast aluminum with a powder-coated finish, it's dishwasher safe. NEWSLETTER; CONTACT US; FAQs Sep 25, 2014 · Why would you ever use a pesky, unwieldy (multipurpose, you-already-have-one) knife when you could slice, wedge, and pierce your eggs with this aptly named Egg Slicer Wedger Piercer? You wouldn't One of the most classic recipes that uses hard-boiled eggs is Nicoise Salad, which pairs hard-boiled eggs with olives, haricot verts, roasted plum tomatoes, oil-packed tuna, and crunchy Bibb lettuce. If you use large/x-large eggs, be sure you pay attention as to whether a particular slicer handles the sized eggs your family consumes. 56 Find great deals on eBay for fruit wedger. This hard-boiled egg slicer has stainless steel wires that cleanly divide food into equal portions. Jan 08, 2020 · Pour egg mixture into skillet. Egg Slicers, Wedgers & Rings Egg Slicers, Wedgers & Rings Catering quality egg slicers and egg wedgers. The XLarge Big Green Egg provides a cooking area that can easily accommodate meals for large families and cookouts with all your friends. Saving money Progressive - International - Tower - Slicer - Wedger while shopping online and on the Progressive - International - Tower - Slicer - Wedger web is a number of correspondence and amounts that one could sort right into a marketing container on checkout then as soon as applied it's going Wedge definition is - a piece of a substance (such as wood or iron) that tapers to a thin edge and is used for splitting wood and rocks, raising heavy bodies, or for tightening by being driven into something. It pairs a modern look with exceptional versatility, as each 3 in 1 egg slicer is designed with two slicing discs to create round or oval slices, as well as wedges. 9 9: KitchenCraft Boiled Egg Slicer, Plastic, 12 x 9 x 4 cm 7. This hard-boiled egg slicer divides food with stainless steel wires that retain their tension after many uses. Egg Wedger With Lock. It's positioned over the top of the egg and, when the handle is operated, a ring of "teeth" or a Rated 1 out of 5 by SmokeyJoesCafe from Expensive and a Poor Design I bought this gadget because of the added Wedger feature. A rich, lemon-flavored butter sauce thickened with egg yolks. You'll get equally-  29 Dec 2015 I use this small income to pay for the hosting for this website. Wash them and cut out any Bakedeco / Kerekes is a distributor of quality tools, supplies and equipment for every food service establishment & restaurants. Use the Veggie Wedgie to: Create wedges out of foods like cucumber, zuchini, yellow squash, carrots, hard boiled eggs, small baby potatoes, and slim roma tomatoes. 18/10 stainless steel. EGG WEDGER 6 SECTIONS Stainless steel. 7'' W x 1. Use it for lemon zesting, hard-cooked eggs, fresh garlic and more. You can also efficiently prepare several meals over the coals at once. Hit up Amazon for a gadget that will do the work for you. Tableware (1523) Aqua (14 Wiltshire is an iconic Australian brand. I love adding these to Kinder Surprise contains the goodness of Kinder chocolate, with a surprise and game in every single egg. Equipped with a built-in egg piercer, which is accessible through a dial mechanism. The cutting tool produces equal wedges instead of slices. The wedger can also be used to cut only the top portion of the egg to create a decorative design and to produce a cavity at the top which can be filled with other ingredients. 4'' DQuickly slice and wedge hard boiled eggs with this Professional Egg Slicer Made of durable plastic with stainless steel wire cutters that slice evenly and rapidly through eggs soft cheese and mushrooms this slicer is ideal for creating even-sized pieces for salads sandwiches snacks and appetizers. Leave the hot water in the pot and turn the heat back on to high. Product categories. Vollrath Redco 15005 6-Section Insta Cut Wedger Simple, easy to use wedger/cutter wlll provide fast prep time for fruits and vegetables that require slicing. Dimensions: 4 7/8" x 5 1/4" x 2 1/4" Blade Surface: 2 1/4" diameter; Makes 6 perfectly wedged sections without the need for a knife or a cutting board One tool, three uses. 99 - $37. com with top-selling 1 brands. 84 inc. Get informed before you buy! - 7879322 Sep 25, 2020 · Pineapple rings – you can use fresh or tinned pineapple for this recipe. Your child can learn to read right now. 8 7. L mm. Product features Vogue Egg Wedger - Each - CN961. 89. com offers 1,061 egg slicer stainless products. If you use hard-cooked eggs in salads, etc. google. Makes chopping up eggs really easy, and allows for lots of hard to make cuts. Use a slotted spoon to lift the egg out of the hot water. The micro-grater is especially efficient for hard cheeses such as parmesan or fine zesting lemons and oranges. Jun 15, 2013 - Item - Vintage Tala No 1480 Egg Wedger in Original Box Circa 1950s This particular example is a early version as it is stamped with REGN APP FOR Oct 06, 2018 · This egg slicer features stainless steel wire blades. Facebook Twitter Email Pinterest linkedin WhatsApp WhatsApp Telegram Viber. 38, Amazon), which sounds  87 products MasterClass Cast Deluxe Egg Slicer and Wedger. Make perfect egg salad, a superb cobb salad or a wild guacamole. cutting meat. • 7" length. I am going to get an OXO brand next time. The word garnish comes Don't let this egg slicer's size fool you; it can do big things for being so small! With a die-cast, aluminum frame and 10 stainless steel wires, it is built for busy kitchens. 625". Let the quiche rest for 5 minutes, then cut into 6 wedges. You've just added this product to the cart: Aluminium meat mallet - 250mm. DON'T MISS OUT It's called Fish Hook: http://bit. Feb 02, 2014 · Bobwhites are the second best layer and only lay 75-100 eggs per year vs a coturnix laying 275-300 eggs each year. Cubed pineapples are great for fruit salads, and you can have them easily with this pineapple corer. 4 out of 5 stars 46 £6. This tool is very easy to use and allows you to get the final product on the table in 30 seconds. When eggs are hardboiled and ready to be sliced or wedged, use the stainless steel cutting wires to cut cleanly through the delicate egg. Nordic Ware Microwave Eggs & Muffin Pan. Safer and faster than using a knife! It can also be used with other small food products such as apples, mushrooms and tomatoes. As mixture heats, portions of eggs will begin to set. Measurements : 30 x 12,5 x 4 Egg Slicer/wedger. Featuring a lightweight, plastic design paired with durable, steel wire, this assembly is not only easy to maneuver and store, but it is also designed to provide lasting service. 0 7. You can also just use a pair regular scissors and cut the skinny end of the egg off. Used to remove the top of soft-cooked eggs, this circular gadget has a scissors-style handle. Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities. After Easter, use the egg slicer, wedger and rosette mold and knife to quickly transform the Easter eggs into egg salads or decorative egg dishes. "The Blades of "1000" USES"! U. If you want to go fresh it might be best to use a Pineapple Peeler, Corer, Slicer and Wedger; Maraschino or glacé cherries. You will never again have to wonder if your eggs are done, simply use the included pin to puncture eggs, add water, turn on egg cooker and wait for the buzzer to go off. Start studying Utensils in preparing and cooking eggs. It can also be used for slicing other soft foods such as mushrooms and tomatoes. Sep 25, 2020 · Williams Sonoma Egg Slicer and Wedger | Egg Tools Description Our tool cuts hard-boiled eggs into uniform slices or wedges for making sandwiches, garnishes and egg salad. Prep solutions;, prepworks and pl8 continues to build on the Progressive; legacy by offering products that make food prep faster, easier and more enjoyable. Fresh Kitchen Gadgets Tefal : 20 gadgets (+ 4 kitchen knives). Equip your Master Prep Chef wedger base with this egg slicer. Okay, literally, a knife will cut through a lot of apples. May 12, 2020 · At less than 20 cents apiece, the humble egg is the MVP of soufflé, crème brûlée, mayonnaise, and tons of other dishes. 07) Find great deals on the latest styles of Amco egg slicer. EGG Slicer, wedger, garnish tool and piercer. The combination of these three elements has created a world of fun and entertainment that helps children to develop their imagination while reassuring mothers at the same time Apr 21, 2019 · Best Utensils Stainless Steel Egg Slicer Wedger Cutter, $10. " —Jamie N. Shop for Norpro Egg Slicer Wedger Peeler with Piercer and Garnishing Tool - White. Box measures about 130 mm in height. Matfer Prep Chef – Egg Wedger (Without Base) Matfer Prep Chef – Semi – Circle Slicer (Without Base) Matfer Prep Chef – Slicer (Without Base) Matfer Prep Chef – Wedger; Matfer Prep Chef – Wire Slicer (Without Base) Matfer Prep Chef – Wire Wedger 8 Segments (Without Base) Spare Part for Matfer Prep Chef; Wire or Egg Wedger & Slicer WEDGER A device which cuts a hard-boiled egg into 6 equal wedge-shaped parts. If you have bobwhites that get out in town the whole neighborhood is going to know about it. Product Type: -Egg Slicer/Wedger. 📋Product Description: This handy stainless steel egg slicer takes the hassle and mess away slicing boiled eggs. They’re the perfect size for snacks, and you can dice them for salads or baking. Item # CRWN-FESW. Best Egg Slicer Collection of images. Check out my other items too. Perfect for home or professional use, these manual operated devices and allow you to reproduce consistent portion sizes, time after time. Our recipe is packed with protein, plus nutrient-rich vegetables, so it's a meal that's sure to satisfy. Works with eggs, strawberries and mushrooms; place food in center of base and select one slicer plate. 5cm) will allow you to cut your eggs in several slices. READ MORE. Thick fries or thin fries: 36 hole and 64 hole cutters. Zester, melton baller, egg wedger, meat/poultry injector, micro-grater. (103) 103 reviews. The device is configured to minimize destruction of the composition of the produce. 3479740. W: 4. Comes with a snap-on mini bowl for collecting pieces. Matfer 400497 Features. Favorite. Material:   This is very handy & easy to use to make delicious eggs slice in your house or cutter slicer | egg cutter topper | egg slicer and dicer | egg slicer and wedger |  This egg wedger in inox (diameter: 6. 99 Product Details Cooking Surface: L: 4. " Read More Reviews  Buy BlueBeach® Stainless Steel Egg Slicer Cutter/Egg Wedger for Sandwich and stainless steel to ensure long lasting use; Easily dish washed for daily use. 6235. It’s stainless steel and dishwasher safe. This handy Matfer Bourgeat egg wedger is made of epoxy-treated cast aluminum. Made from stainless steel, the wedge cutter slices through eggs with minimal effort, drastically reducing your preparation times. From shop BoBisBitsofVintage. then our Calitek set of 3 Egg Slicer Set is the perfect kitchen tool for you. If you don't The one that I h ave is the “Egg Slicer Wedger Piercer” three in one. 0) out of 5 stars. Egg. 99 FREE shipping. Wedger definition is - a shoe worker who sets a wedge between the outsole and upper at the shank to form a spring heel—called also springer. Made from long lasting, high impact plastic and stainless steel, the Egg Cutter is small in size and storage-friendly. Generally, I am not a fan of unitaskers, those kitchen tools that have only one purpose. This unit provides 10 uniform slices, 6 equal wedges and a built in egg piercer, used to keep the  An egg slicer is a food preparation utensil used to slice peeled, hard-boiled eggs quickly and evenly. Constructed with a nickel plated zinc body and extra thick stainless steel cutting wires, this slicer offers your commercial kitchen a heavy duty product made to withstand a busy commercial Freshware KT-421 Egg Slicer and Wedger. With this slicer, making a sandwich is less than a minute now. 99 on Amazon Amazon To get that restaurant-grade look in a classic chef salad, you’ll need to cut your hard-boiled egg into identical wedges. Progressive-International-Tower-Slicer-Wedger. Williams-Sonoma Egg Slicer and Wedger The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute  Catering supplies Kitchen Gadgets to throughout the Darwin region, and uses DT-37523 - Egg Wedger Cutter (180mm) DT-37530 - Fish Scaler (205mm)  Can be used on top of different kinds of bowls. Spray pan with cooking spray. Try it with tomatoes, pickles, potatoes, cucumbers and zucchini for a different look at your salad bar! Like all Nemco products, this fruit wedger is designed, engineered and built to provide years of reliable service. About 70% of these are egg tools, 16% are fruit & vegetable tools, and 3% are utensils. I bought a Progressive Egg "gadget" for a friend, it is easier to use and has an additional half slicer for creating deviled eggs. Has a transparent, ergonomically shaped cutting tube. 5 out of 5 stars (440) 440 reviews. Kept for some years, and not used, some stain marks on sides due  6 Jan 2020 Use Matfer utensils made with composite materials to avoid damaging your recipients. Product Description Shop Hubert for Smallwares and Choppers and all of your Food Service, Supermarket, Restaurant, or Hotel commercial supplies. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. It requires a small amount of adjusting to accomplish either the slicing or wedging. Compare prices & save money on Kitchen Supplies & Utensils. Comes from an estate clear out. 7'' H x 3. The wedger can also be used to cut only the top portion of the egg to create a decorative design and to produce a cavity at the top which can be EGG WEDGER/CUTTER - 180mm. Keep cooked  Egg cutter by zyliss; Made of long lasting abs plastic and stainless steel; Multi- purpose cutting tool allows eggs to be both sliced and wedged cleanly and quickly  This egg wedger can be operated with one hand for ease of use. The stainless steel cutting wires will retain their slicing ability through many uses. &nbsp;With two separate cutting frames in one, you may choose to slice, dice or wedge. You can also use this handy tool on pears, cucumbers, zucchini, and tomatoes. Calitek Egg Cutter Wedger Slicer 3 in 1 Multi Tool Stainless Steel | eBay Oct 25, 2020 · Perfect tool for slicing, wedging and piercing hard boiled eggs. - kitchen gadgets This egg slicer can be used for any type of soft food. Still in box, hardly used made in Germany egg slicer. An egg slicer can be a great addition to your kitchen tool collection. Add to. Shop now! Bakedeco / Kerekes is a distributor of quality tools, supplies and equipment for every food service establishment & restaurants. This is a unique old piece. Order the HUBERT® Egg Slicers &; Wedger by Hubert Brand H/ES-6 for your retail or food service operation. √ Apple wedger or egg slicer? This answer has 6 letters and comes to us from the daily Washington Post newspaper crossword puzzle. This Hubert Brand egg wedger cuts food into 6 uniform portions. 24 lbs Use & Care Use: 1. Product successfully added to your shopping cart Quantity. Shop Matfer 215627 Prep Chef French Fries Cutter for Model 215610. Effortlessly create sliced eggs with the Vogue Duplex egg slicer. Garnish Preparation Many garnishes are created in the garde manger work station. The base is constructed from food-grade aluminum for durability. Perfect for catering use or at home for picnics and salads. Saves valuable prep time in light-duty applications. ly/2GnKCKF *****Buy this egg timer on Amazon: http: Check out our egg wedger selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Bake until the egg is just set and a small, sharp knife inserted in the center comes out clean, 30 to 35 minutes. FASTER Egg Slicer Cutter, Stainless Steel 2-Way Egg Slicer and Wedger for 2 Slicing Styles Dual Egg Dicer Salad Slicer, Hard Boiled Eggs Slicer Tool, Dishwasher Safe - White 4. • Special food-safe coating. In stock at a low price and ready to ship same day from RestaurantSupply. Features: -Egg slicer. Specification. ($3. Non-slip bottom for added stability Slices vertically and cuts wedge -shaped ideal more 39 matches. ask. Here's how to use an apple slicer, what to use it for, and the best brands on the market. Shop for egg slicers at Bed Bath & Beyond. Mobile: If you looking for ### Egg Slicer and Wedger by Freshware ### please read reviews for this products below! Here is the review for you to definitely buy in specials price , great feature and best value for Egg Slicer and Wedger by Freshware >>>. Cuts eggs into 6 even wedges, with lock. Kitchen Appliances, Food Processor user manuals, operating guides & specifications This is great to make up a quick salad plus if you slice thin then you are able to smash the eggs up easily for egg salad. 4. Safer and faster than using a knife! Ideal for mushrooms, strawberries and kiwis too. Manual egg chopper is quick & easy to operate, simply placing egg on base, pulling down handle & enjoy precision slices and wedge. The moulded base tray holds the egg in place whilst a choice of two hinged tops with stainless steel wires folds down, cutting the egg exactly as required. Mandolin slicer. One grid cuts either round or oval-shaped slices; the other cuts neat wedges. Though commonly used for hardboiled eggs, this slicer can additionally be used for softer fruits and solid dairy products like soft cheeses and butter. Place the egg whites in the bowl of a stand mixer and beat to soft peaks. Sale Egg Slicer Egg Cutter Egg Wedger, Strawberry Slicer, Heavy Slicer, Multifunctional Vegetable and Fruit Shredder Kitchen Shredder, Kitchen Gadget Accessory-Random Color 4. -Made of hard white plastic. Easy to use, just choose whether you want Egg Beaters are liquid egg white products made with real, all-natural egg whites. Made from food-grade aluminum with stainless steel slicing wires for convenient cleanup and sterilization. 1-segment slicer slices eggs into wedges. Place the Canadian bacon on top of the cooked egg, and cover with the top of the toasted english muffin. The moulded base tray holds the egg in place whilst a choice of two hinged tops with stainless steel wires folds down, cutting the egg as required. What does Egg slicer mean? Information and translations of Egg slicer in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Hand ground chrome, stainless steel blades. com here is what I found. Features: -Egg and mushroom slicer. Overview. The egg slicer can thinly slice your egg on its side, cutting it into 6 pieces on its end, giving you the choice of how to ser Westmark Columbus Wedge Egg Slicer Silver - Make perfect hard boiled egg slices with the Westmark Columbus Wedge Egg Slicer. 812. Read customer reviews and ratings about Miu France Stainless Steel Egg Slicer and Wedger at Overstock. An apple wedger for cutting fruits or vegetables into wedges or other desired shapes includes a slicer and a pusher, in which the slicer has a peripheral frame and internal cutting blades. Find great deals on eBay for oxo egg slicer and oxo egg slicer and chopper. 96 $ 25 . View Details Dec 12, 2020 · Besides egg, you can also use it to cut soft fruits. &nbsp;This stainless steel and black plastic egg slicer is great for slicing a variety of foods like firm mushrooms &amp; olives, bananas, and ripe strawberries. -Cuts clean and perfect slices every time. Cook 2 to 3 minutes or until eggs are thickened throughout but still moist. I asked a Staff Member who walked with me to a really low shelf and there in front of me was a sea of yellow - hooray 'Slats' in abundance. Pizza slicer. Yum. 60 (inc GST) $26. See more ideas about Egg slicer, Slicer, Eggs. Delicious alone – whether scrambled, boiled, poached or fried – but also an essential ingredient for chefs,  27 Sep 2019 Not fried, these Baked Potato Wedges get tossed in a beaten egg white Here are some other seasoning blends of mine I like to use on these:. g. Email me with any queries. These are handy for a variety of tasks and making garnishes on salads. From shop AntiqueXmas. -Use for hard boiled eggs, mushrooms, strawberries, kiwis, olives and more. 99 Egg coddler 6223 $6. The box is in very good condition with some minor wear/tear - see photos. This is a cute egg cutter that can also be used to take care of a range of softer fruits. Quickly segments, slices and flowers boiled eggs for impressive garnishing and  This wedger is great to have in the kitchen to quickly cut eggs into 6 equal wedges for salads, breakfast plates and more. The wedger holds the egg upright as you pull wires over it to cut the wedges. Calitek Egg and Soft Food Slicer. Material: -Plastic/Stainless Steel. Cuts boiled eggs into perfect slices. Multi-purpose cutting tool allows eggs to be both sliced and wedged cleanly and quickly Integrated shell piercing tool for hard boiled eggs to prevent eggs from cracking during boiling Non slip base for stability when in use 5 Year Zyliss Guarantee - Dishwasher Safe Joie Eggy Wedgey Egg Slicer - Great for Strawberries and Mushrooms. Choose Items Below. This fits on the 215610 Master Prep Chef base, sold separately. 151-153 Parramatta Rd, Granville NSW 2142. Shop with confidence. Includes lid cleaning tool. Constructed from high quality aluminium, the slicer cuts through boiled eggs with minimal effort, drastically reducing your preparation times. The tire producer / manufacturer and Canadian Tire use this fee to pay for the collection, transportation and processing of used tires. Quick View. Pick good quality russet potatoes. Our tool cuts hard-boiled eggs into uniform slices or wedges for making sandwiches, garnishes and egg salad. 46 FREE Apr 15, 2019 - Miles Kimball 3-in-1 Egg Slicer features three separate cutting sections with stainless steel wire cutters. bakeries or foodservice operations, but most go to egg breakers for use in egg Wedger: Similar to a slicer, it cuts the egg into 6 equal parts rather than into. Mushroom Fruit Strawberry Slicer Wedger To use the garnishing tool, just put the egg  29 Oct 2020 All you need to do is place your hard boiled egg in the cradle and use the ergonomic grip handle to lower the cutting wires. Shop for egg kitchen gadgets online at Target. Despite its many capabilities, it has a rather small footprint. Included is a container with non-skid feet that minimizes countertop messes and has a 6-cup capacity. 79 FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL ORDERS OF LKR 20,000. Vintage Aluminum Westmark Columbus Germany Egg Wedger Slicer cuts 6 Wedges AntiqueXmas. Made with durable metal wires, these slicers can withstand repeated use in your kitchen and can produce consistent and even results every time. Shop the top 25 most popular 1 at the best prices! Egg Slicer Set with 3 Cutters - Cut Boiled Eggs into Thin Slices, Wedges or Halves - Easy Manual Egg Slicing - No Power, No Noise - Great for Sandwiches, Salads and Hors d'Oeuvres - with Slicer Stand It can be dissolved in cold water, kefir soda, kombucha, or lemon water and used in warm tea, coffee, or hot cacao. Perfect for wedging lemons, limes, and small oranges for drinks and garnishes. Ideal for mushrooms, strawberries and kiwis too. Jan 23, 2011 · One unitasker that gets a place in my kitchen is an egg wedger -- sort of a tong like device that has a cradle on one arm to hold a hard-boiled egg, and on the other arm a criss-cross of wires that, when the device is squeezed together, slices the egg into six perfect wedges. Constructed with BPA-, PVC- and Phthalate-free material. Went to Ikea and initially could not locate this item. See full list on williams-sonoma. Dishwasher Safe? Some people, like myself, have issues with their hands. Nice to have both slicers in one. Item type Crafting material Material type Ingredient Mat. This egg wedger can be operated with one hand for ease of use. com. Take a look at some of the products below and call us on (08) 8981 6655 to arrange for one of our team members to have a chat about our full selection. Here is the correct answer for the "Apple wedger or egg slicer" crossword clue. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Privacy | Terms & Conditions |  12 Jun 2013 You can use an egg slicer or dice the egg by hand. $6. But some handle large and x-large sized eggs better than others. CB 2019 I needed an Egg Slicer as my previous one (not from Ikea) had become unusable. Slices food into 6 equal sections for attractive presentation. It is more practical to hand wash this product for a long time use. A wide variety of egg slicer stainless options are available to you, such as fda, ce / eu. Made to the same high standards that characterise the Wiltshire brand. 95 Vogue Egg Wedger. Select Cook the egg 45-60 seconds after turning, after about 30-45 seconds,"flip" the Canadian bacon, and remove the egg, placing it on the bottom half (cheesed half) of the english muffin. HAND HELD DESIGN. We've mentioned how useful magnetic parts trays can be for those DIY projects—and many of you noted you already use them—but DIY weblog MAKE discovers that you can adding a simple fruit wedger "If you haven't used a tool like Crazy Egg in the past, you're about to be blown away. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL EGG CUTTER. Half the calories of shell eggs with all of the protein! • Pusher return springs for easy use. &nbsp;Avoid stressing the wire cutting frames by gently pressing through only ripe fruit or firm olives and Cockpit: Options include thigh braces for boat control, hip pads for tighter fit, adjustable backband for back support and posture, pleasure wedger for thigh height adjustment. To use, simply place your food in the center of Start studying Utensils in preparing and cooking eggs. com website or the Newegg mobile application for 90 calendar days from date of issue. Customers who viewed this item also viewed #nowpletricks #Fruits #vegetables Nowple Tricks - https://www. Slicing The Eggs: It’s easiest and cleanest to use an egg wedger. And it really works! Children love the games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning. 2 May 2020 Apple dividers probably make you think of fall, but they're a truly handy year- round tool for slicing and separating everything from potatoes and  China Useful Kitchen Gadget Plastic Egg Slicer & Wedger with Stainless Steel Wires Usage: Cheese Grater A: Yes, the material used is food grade plastic. 6 10: Our tool cuts hard-boiled eggs into uniform slices or wedges for making sandwiches, garnishes and egg salad. Just lift the handle, place the egg on one of the cradles and pull the handle down until the wire blades cut through the egg. Blades are stainless steel to last a lifetime. 96 Multipurpose Stainless Steel Wire Egg Slicer is among the best in the world and is rated to be one of the best kitchenware brands available today. 14 Dec 2016 These ridiculously cool kitchen tools make prepping eggs fun and easy. The use of iron or other metals led to the development of knives for those kinds of tasks. Designed to cut eggs into six perfectly even slices, the wedger will improve your plate presentation and reduce preparation times. Write a review Out of Stock 2-3 Weeks Lead Time. This is a fully transparent clothing cover with a wide range of uses. S Pat No. Eliminates knife-related cutting accidents. Matfer Prep Chef wire or egg wedger & slicer. $28. $7. Also works well with soft or hard boiled eggs. After searching the internet using the following sites, www. Peeling The Eggs: Peel the eggs right after running cold water over them to ensure the peel comes off easy. In addition to its use in Eggs Benedict, Hollandaise sauce is often served over asparagus or poached salmon. This tri-purpose design is ideal for those who enjoy hard-boiled eggs. It's able to slice an egg on the long or short sides and wedge into 6 equal pieces. £17. . Integrated shell-piercing tool vents a small hole in the egg to prevent eggshell from cracking while boiling. It's also a suitable tool for slicing mushrooms. Fruit wedger blade cores an apple and cuts it into eight uniform wedges. The other slicer can slice eggs as round or oval slices, depending on how you situate the egg. Fits in small compartments for easy egg cutting on-the-go, making it a perfect fit for caterers who are always on the move, or cafe kitchens that don't have much space for so many kitchen hand tools. The slicer features rust-resistant wire cutters for 11 even slices or six even wedges making it a snap to add eggs, mushrooms or soft fruits to salads and meals. 13 in. An asparagus steamer or a fish poacher  Specialised utensils for preparing eggs were made from the 1870s onwards. 90. Egg Slicer/wedger. Get free delivery On EVERYTHING* at Overstock - Your Online Kitchen & Dining Shop! Get 5% in rewards with Club O! - 31591299 Overall: 10. Required Cookies & Technologies. An egg wedger may also be used and is similar to the slicer in design except that the egg sits upright instead of on its side. Egg Top Cutter Quickly and cleanly removes the top of raw eggs. Bulkheads and Footbraces: Located in the bow (front) of the boat, bulkheads and footbraces offer rigid foot support. Avoid stirring constantly. Serve. Price excluding GSTTired of slicing eggs into uneven shapes and sizes? Put down your knife and use this premium egg wedger from Vogue instead. net dictionary. -Innovative features and an attractive style. From shop HandyHousewares. The Egg Cooker conveniently cooks 1 to 8 eggs perfectly to a hard, medium or soft boil. A pretty common tool to have in a German household. The design of the utensil also produces perfect, even slices every time, drastically improving your dish presentation. An egg slicer consists of a slotted dish for holding the egg  Wanting to slice eggs and prepare them from a salad or a sandwich, use the Dexam Egg Wedger and Slicer for an easy preparation. Also, you can't use it for anything else like mushrooms or fruit, so its use is ZYLISS Egg Slicer - Non Slip, Egg Cutter and Wedger with Built in Shell Piercer. Color: -White. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. It’s ideal for tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, potatoes, carrots, apples and more. Egg slicer asda · Egg slicer uses · Egg slicer definition Williams Sonoma Egg Slicer and Wedger. We are proud to present to you our on-line catalog with over 25,000 items in stock, featuring a full line of quality kitchen products for every chef. To use, simply place your ingredient on the cutter holder or chopping board, and push the cutter down and through the egg or vegetable. 2020 popular 1 trends in Home & Garden, Egg Slicers, Home Appliances with 3 in 1 Egg Slicer and 1. Each of the wires acts as a cutting instrument, slicing through the egg when pressure is applied to the cutter. Dishwasher safe; £14. 5 out of 5 stars 2 CDN$14. Looking for some funky egg gadgets? Multi-functional kitchen gadget helps you slice & wedge perfectly uniform pieces of hard boiled eggs, and these slices are great for making sandwiches for lunchboxes, throwing in leafy salads, or adding to a hearty fish pie before topping with buttery mash. Look for one described as strong enough to also slice mushrooms. D213486 and No. Newegg will match the price subject to verification and the terms below. and small other foods Great design makes round and oval slices Matfer 215306 - Egg Slicer, 1/4"W wire spacing, stainless steel wire, epoxy coated, dishwasher safe, cast aluminum (5 year warranty) Call us Toll Free (800) 821-9153 Alibaba. Egg slicer and wedger; Quickly segments, slices and flowers boiled eggs for impressive garnishing and serving; Can be used for slicing mushrooms too The egg slicer can thinly slice your egg on its side, cutting it into 6 pieces on its end, giving you the choice of how to serve up your egg salads and sandwiches. S$14. If you enjoy salads and pretty garnishes, you can get a lot of use out of an egg slicer. Discover over 448 of our best selection of 1 on AliExpress. And, these stainless steel blades are sharp, durable and rust resistant. The produce is restrained in such a manner that as the slicing device moves through it (thereby slicing it into a plurality of sections), the produce is left substantially in its original shape. DOUBLE CHAMBER DESIGN. While you're at it, try your hand at a deep-fried pineapple. " May 10, 2018 · I use it when I'm adding eggs to toast or salads, and sometimes I slice eggs two different ways to make cubes for egg salad. Beyond chopping up a hard-boiled egg into an even slice, it’s also great for soft fruits like kiwi, strawberries, and bananas. Feb 8, 2020 - Explore Kelly Kinder's board "Egg slicer" on Pinterest. 58 $ 28. Double yum. Code: KCMCES MasterClass Deluxe Stainless Steel Apple Corer and Wedger. £9. Can be used to slice any soft food such as mushrooms, cheese and avocados. 5 out of 5 stars. The cost difference will be credited to you in the form of a Newegg Customer Care card which is good for use on the Newegg. [COMPACT AND STYLISH] -4 inch x 3. The blade of the knife allowed humans to cut meat, fibers, and other plant and animal materials with much less It is a four-in-one tool that includes a slicer to slice your favorite foods with 10 stainless steel wires, wedger for fruit, vegetables or eggs with 6 stainless steel blades, if you don’t like small pieces from the slicer, garnishing tool to create your own edible masterpieces and an egg piercer that will prevent eggs cracking when they boil. 38 in. Made from long lasting, high impact plastic and stainless steel, the Egg Cutter with two overlay cutting options one for slicing, one for wedges is small in size and storage-friendly. The French chef who created this sauce most likely named it for Holland because Holland was famous for butter, a main ingredient in the sauce. An egg slicer cuts a hard-boiled egg into uniform slices, with a much more appealing result. Crack an egg into the base of the pan. Enjoy juicy, perfect pineapple rings in little time with this ingenious tool. Two hinged rings can either slice food or cut it into 6 equal sized wedges. Featuring julienne peeler, zester, garlic press, avocado slicer, melon baller, peeler, lime squeezer View & download of more than 50 Crofton PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. • For segment collection, place a container (not included) under the wedger. Product Title Multi-Boiled Egg Slicers - 3 in 1 Egg Slicer Cutter Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $16. Sold & shipped by - This aluminum Egg Wedger is perfect for creating tasty creations. 06 KGS Shipping: Calculated at checkout : Quantity: Share. Current Price $28. Dec 23, 2016 · Pour the egg mixture into the prepared pie dish. com [USE CONVENIENCE] - Egg Slicer is quick and easy to handle; just place the egg on the surface, pull down the handle and enjoy precise slicing. Add the rest of the ingredients and Egg Slicer Wedger Piercer · The Official Taste Tester  Buy Apollo® Egg Shell Cracker, Cutter, and Topper - Premium Tool for Removing Top of Soft-or Broke after a few uses we will try another brand it broke where Buy Apollo® Egg Shell Cracker, Cutter, and Topper - Premium Tool for Removing Top of Soft-or Broke after a few uses we will try another brand it broke where Westmark Columbus Egg Wedger/ Slicer, Silver Product Name: Westmark Columbus Condition: Functional with signs of use, the aluminium is oxidized on a  23 Aug 2016 Try this bizarre new trick that gets you a perfect hard-boiled egg every Kornblum says that this technique is used to cook the eggs evenly. Specifications. FEATURES HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION. Poaching tray allows you to poach up to 3 eggs at a time. -9 Uniform slices quick and easy. Vintage Westmark Columbus Egg Wedger, Made in West Germany circa 1960/70s BoBisBitsofVintage. 23 Jan 2011 Egg Wedger. 20-30 seconds after flippng the Canadan bacon, remove. Designed to produce six even wedges of boiled egg, the egg slicer guarantees perfect results every time, helping to improve your presentation. When you draw down the wires only partway, you can open the egg to hold a stuffing or to resemble a flower. fits the shape of the egg, and the egg is fixed without displacement. Run the egg under cold water, so it's easier to peel. Then, use the wedger to cut the slices into chunks. Egg Slicer/Wedger, 3 in 1, extra heavy stainless steel wires. Westmark’s product is fast and comfortable to use. The cutting tool produces equal  15 Apr 2016 Great deals on Egg Slicers HERE: http://amzn. This handy tool makes it easy to cut your own fresh apples, rather than spending extra money on store-bought slices. Perfect tool for slicing, wedging and piercing hard boiled eggs. The egg. Use this egg cutter to prepare perfect egg slices for presentation for parties or egg salads. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. A slicer makes it easier to make attractive party trays and to pack lunches, as well. Egg Wedger Aluminium Product Code : E2939 . HandyHousewares. Oct 27, 2020 · Up for auction is a vintage 'Tala' brand 'Egg Wedger' from around the late 1940's/early 1950's. JIFF -CUT, Grapefruit & Orange Segmenter, fruit wedger and vegetable decorer. We like the way it has non-slip rubber feet – this makes it more practical to work with. We have 1000s of products to choose from, and our range is being constantly updated everyday. 58. CaLeQi Egg Slicer Stainless Steel Multi-Function Separates Egg Slicer and Wedger for 2 7. Prepare your salad nicoise quickly, to exact standards without the mess thanks to this selection of time-saving egg wedgers . The egg is placed on its side in the tray, and the cutter is closed down over the egg, producing slices of One blade cleanly cores, while another removes the skin. You can use an egg slicer to slice other foods as well, such as kiwi fruit, olives, or bananas. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Vacu VIN Pineapple Slicer & Wedger at VACUVIN Cut Portion Pineapple 3 Uses Kitchen tool  23 Mar 2016 Yolk Fish from Prezzybox (£8. I prefer to use Dole Pineapple rings from a tin as they are all the same size – much easier than using fresh pineapple. Yet it's one of the most convenient tools in the kitchen. Dimensions 187(H) x 197(W) x 203(D)mm Vogue Egg Wedger. The unit is dishwasher safe. The grater is top-rack dishwasher safe and coordinates with other kitchenware and serveware from Rachael Ray(r). Product Description Egg Wedger Aluminium Product Code : E2939 . 95), a fat-bellied silicone fish that uses light I try out Egg Slicer Wedger Piercer (£1. Rubber Egg Slicer Wedger. H: 2. Add mix-ins if desired and stir. 4 non-skid rubber feet keep the unit from sliding during operation. Total The 3-in-1 Egg Slicer / Wedger is designed for the commercial kitchen. An egg slicer is great for any restaurant or catering business that serves hard-boiled eggs in salads. It has stainless steel wires that cut the egg in six, equal wedges. 2. Egg wedger Mushroom Tomato SLICER CUTTER CORER DIVIDER PEELER FRUIT   Vonty Egg Slicer & Wedger 2 in 1 Multipurpose Egg Slicer Cutter Stainless Steel Cutting Wires. Average Rating: (0. This handy little tool is ideal  This item is poorly designed, two of the slicing tines broke after a few uses on hard boiled eggs. 99 Product Title Westmark Egg Wedger w/Non-Stick Coating. 3 in 1 Egg Slicer Combo Leifheit's 3-in-1 Egg Slicer makes 3 different Leifheit's 3-in-1 Egg Slicer makes 3 different slices for eggs exactly the way you want them. Cuts 10 uniform slices and 6 equal wedges. Mevis Line Egg Slicer with Perfect Boilled Egg Timer, Also Used For Boiled Potatoes Or Mozzarella Balls, Egg Dicer with Egg Timer That Changes Color When Done S & H: see site $13. Comes with a centering insert for narrow fruits or vegetables; the plunger makes it easy to use. Corrosion resistant E-coated finish, Application specific to ensure  Leifheit Egg Slicer and Wedger. Product Details. The slicer is made of quality materials: clean stainless steel and hard, sturdy plastic. 2 Pieces Egg Slicer for Hard Boiled Eggs, Wire Egg Slicer, 3 In 1 Egg Cutter Wedger, Fruits and Vegetables Slicer with Stainless Steel Wire, Easy to Plate for Making Salads. Buy top selling products like OXO Good Grips® Egg Slicer and Compact 3-in-1 Egg Slicer. Our slicer features rust-resistant wire cutters for 11 even slices, or 6 even wedges making it a snap to add eggs, mushrooms or soft fruits to salads and meals. ENQUIRE NOW. Adjustable blade insert made of blade steel, for dividing into quarters or eighths, as needed. The device is made from molded heavy-duty aluminum and is dishwasher safe. This hard-boiled egg slicer cuts in two different ways. 7 April 2014. Material: BPA-free and Melamine Free Plastic Warranty: 5 Year Warranty Weight: 0. Produces 8 perfectly formed wedges. Classic egg slicer with top and wires in stainless steel. Home Basics Egg  10 Alternative Uses for Eggs. A quality instrument and measures 8" long and blade is about 1 1/2 " wide. Dimensions: Overall Height - Top to Bottom: -7. Pizza slicer Tough plastic egg slicer with 2 cutting faces Place food on the concave area and swing down the super-sharp wire slicing grid High quality stainless steel cutting wires. No longer available. Affordable Double Egg Slicer 2 in 1 Cuts fruit too. <p>It's not just for eggs anymore. 99 Rotate the cutter into your fruit and pull out fresh, even slices. When cutting eggs, you can opt for halves, wedges or slices – this gives you plenty of options, and it’s great if you want to make deviled eggs, for example. Ensure that there aren't any bits of shell stuck on the peeled egg. egg wedger uses

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